For VSŽ Kovostroj Ltd. Dobšiná

  • expert inspections, tests and maintenance tests of the dedicated technical gas equipment

For Chemes LLC. Humenné

  • repairs of turbo-generator No.3 a turbo-generator No.4

For Bukocel LLC., Vranov nad Topľou

  • overhaul on the turbo-generator No.3
  • overhaul on the boiling system of recovery boiler No.3
  • overhaul on the laminating parts of the recovery boiler No.3
  • renovation of the filter drum MFA
  • repairs of the press rolls

For Landis&Staefa ESCO Slovensko Ltd.

  • realization of the project "Rationalization of the TEHO heat management in the five selected circuits in the location Košice-west"
  • rrealization of the project "Rationalization of the energy management in the Louise Pasteur Faculty Hospital in Košice"

For Ideal Trade Service Ltd.

  • realization of the compressed air distribution in the company Molex Slovakia, a.s. Kechnec
  • realization of the compressed air distribution in the company Campus Námestovo
  • filter erection in the company Chemes a.s.Humenné


  • supply and erection of hydraulic and pneumatic components for Reconstruction and modernization of 2-stand tandem

For ŠKODA Slovakia Ltd.

  • erection of the hydraulic section within project: Reconstruction and modernization of 2-stand tandem

For Sigma montáže

  • erection and adjustment of the distribution pipelines for flashing and chemical cleaning of the pipes in company VSŽ U.S.STEEL

For Alstom Brno

  • erection of turbo-generator No.4 in U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.


  • erection of Dedusting System in USSKe (2095 t)


  • exchange of Hydraulic Distribution at 4STT and 5STT

For Siemens Brno

  • erection of piping to the Turbo-generator No.1 in USSKe

For Danieli Corus

  • elaboration of project documentation for Dedusting of BF No.1 in USSKe


  • manufacturing of membrane walls for MOA Cuba Power Plant.


  • erection of Oxygen and Nitrogen Tanks: in USSKe
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