ENERGYCO, s.r.o. was established on November 17th 1999 with a view to create direct contact with clients and contribute to regional development within small and medium size enterprises and to maintain produced sources in the location of their creat

- energy
- ecology
- metallurgical industry

Company profile

  • Fabrication, Erection, Reconstruction, Repairs and Maintenance, Expert revisions and Expert tests for: Pressure Equipment, Gaseous Equipment, Lifting Equipment
  • Fabrication, Delivery, Erection, Repairs and Testing of Steam and Gaseous Turbines
  • Erection and Dismantling of Process Equipment, Pipes and Steel Structures
  • Oil Filtration
  • Manufacturing, supply, erection, repairs and maintenance of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment (HVAC)
  • Manufacturing, supply, erection of steam boilers and their spare parts and accessories
  • Service activities for metallurgical, heating plant and automotive industry
  • Supply and installation of technological equipment for municipal waste incineration plants


2019 - 2020
For Engie, Vateras, Sweden

Equipment Lifting & Mechanical Assembly
Piping installation and installation of supports, pressure test

Under Subcontractor own initiatives:

  • All preparation works, prior any lifting and handling operations
  • Spreader plates for the position of Subcontractor big machinery
  • Brushing of bearing surfaces of equipment, if any.
  • Temporary and final shimming
  • All quality and control checks
  • Preservation as per vendor’s recommendations
  • Care and custody of the equipment from truck unloading, until the ready for cold commissioning milestone

Disassembly and assembly of process equipment within the job "Repair – replacement of collection counter gears with accessories on the A-block of VKB3" (Coke Battery Replacement 3)

(piping assembly of DN1200, piping DN1200 – elbow, piping DN1200 – bridge, disassembly, assembly of the new part of the counter gear)

2/2018 – 8/2019
TEKO, a.s., Košice, Slovakia

Construction of technology for high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat as a replacement for TEKO I, gas engines 4x10MW:

design and engineering activities, construction and assembly part, testing, commissioning, acquaintance of operating personnel, handover of the work

2016 - 2018
CNIM – Constructions Industrialles De La Méditeranée

Supply and erection of high pressure and utility piping for EfW plant Beddington, London, England

5/2017 – 3/2019
Kosit, a.s., Košice

Pollution reduction of incineration plant of thermal valorisation, boiler plant K1 (boiler K1 flue gas treatment)

CNIM – Constructions Industrialles De La Méditeranée

Supply and erection of high pressure and utility piping for EfW plant SAKO BRNO


ISO 14001:2016
ISO 9001:2016
054-3-2011 OP a OS VTZ plynových
079-3-2012- OP a OS VTZ tlakove
100-3-2013 OP a OS VTZ ZZ
101-3-2013 Vyroba VTZ ZZ
103-3-2012 Výroba technických zariadení plynových
EN 1090-2 EXC 3 Slov
Energyco certificate SCCP
ISO 45001:2019

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